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Inumbra Shelf

Inumbra Shelf

PriceFrom RM1,900.00
  • Inumbra is a collaborative study, resulting in reinvention between Michele de Lucchi and District Eight of modular components that build a shelving system. From sculptural stature to discreet details, Inumbra portrays the Italian architect and designer’s renowned sensibility for norm-defying form, while highlighting District Eight’s technical capability in pared-back utility and clarifying aesthetic.


    The structural elements are as easily assembled as seamlessly adjustable to varying needs and taste. With unexpected rhythm and compositions, Inumbra poses a refreshing expression that casts new light on a long-standing staple.


    It is available in 4 different modules:

    • Inumbra Shelf Standard
    • Inumbra Shelf Extension
    • Inumbra Cabinet
    • Inumbra Cabinet with Drawer
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